Sep 13

I Think A Girl's In Love With Me

it started with my friend telling me,
"hey, this girl wants to talk to you,
can i give her your snapchat?
she thinks you're cool."

of course i said yes,
i was flattered.
someone calling me cool?

later, my phone lit up.
a girl has added you as a friend!
and so i added her back,
smiling to myself.

i said hey
and she said hello
then we started to talk,
words on a screen and not in the air.

i think you're really special and unique,
she told me,
and i was again flattered.
so i typed thank you.

tom was right, you are kind,
the reply told me.
i want to say that i was scared to talk to you
because you seemed like a literal perfect human being
and i was afraid that if i said something wrong,
you would dislike me.

what could i say to that?
i don't know what to say.
she replied quickly, bless her soul.
sorry. you're fascinating.
that sounds creepy, i apologize.

we talked for a little more,
before i had to put my phone down. 
once i left that class, i ran into my friend,
tom, again.

"hi, rowan!" he said, waving.
he was walking next to a girl,
someone i didn't recognize.

"hi, tom," i said back,
of course i did,
and he smiled.
he made the girl turn around.

i didn't recognize the girl
but she covered her face
and turned back around.
i could swear that i heard her squeak.

i didn't see tom and the girl 
but i got a text minutes later.
that was me
im sorry

don't apologize. 
you don't need to be so nervous around me.

but i am.


i can't explain it, if i could i would but i cant

and then it hit me.