Sep 14

↝Don't You Ever Wonder↜

Don’t you ever wonder what life

would be like if everyone was the same?

Boring, right?
Don’t you ever wonder what

would happen if everything was free, no money?

Everything would be gone, no one would be rich.

All food and toys for people would be gone.
Everyone would be impatient for toys and food

because they go away so quickly and

can’t come back until a while.
What if there were no trees, no flowers to keep us alive?

What would the Earth look like, what

would it feel like and how. (Since we aren't going to be alive.)

What would cause it to feel or smell its certain way.
Don’t you ever wonder what happens

to your ancestors. Where did they go, and why?

Don’t you want one last time, one last chance?
What about, you being rich or famous.

You probably wish, but wouldn’t it be annoying to

have people follow you non-stop.

To have people crawl on your shoulder like

A bug glued to your house.
New home, right?

I know I would. Anyway

What if people were the same, again.

Life would be pretty boring and it would be freaky.

You wouldn’t remember who your family,

or friends were because you all look the same, sound the same,

and have the same personality.
Don’t you ever wonder?