Apr 11
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Encountering Cupid

I saw him once.

Sitting up on the skyscraper,
preying on people with his 
heart-tipped arrows.

The small wings on his back
were covered with slick feathers, 
and he was only wearing
a cloth diaper from the 1960's.

I could never forget his face:
young, bright, childish.
The blonde curls 
camouflaged his eyes.

Every arrow that was shot
had been accompanied by
a giggle and three knee slaps.

Sometimes he would miss.
Sometimes he would hit 
the man or woman straight
through the left ventricle. 

After the eighth snap of
the bow, he looked 
right at me.

My gaze was intense,
and I attempted to 
fend off his stare. 

He reached for 
another arrow, as if hunting
a wild boar.

He placed it on his bow 
and with a villainous smile
said, "You're next".

I smirked 
and mouthed, "Bring it on".

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