Sep 27

Dull Eyes

There was that girl again. She stood there staring at me while I was at her.
The girl was different from the others. She was short but fairly thin.
Maybe it was normal or maybe she was sucking in to fit standers.
She had curves but hid them under baggy clothing to hide her insecurities.
She had small hands that clutched together to keep calm.
Her hair was a dark honey color with sunshine highlights pulled back into a loose braid,
with wavy strands falling out everywhere.
Her face was pale with light brown freckles caressing her small round nose and rosy cheeks.
Her smile was small and forced trying to fool everyone that she was happy.
You could tell she had a million things she wanted to say, but couldn’t.
Her eyes were golden with light green fading in.
But as you look closer you can see they are dull.
You can see the pain in her eyes, you can see hurt and fear.
Under those eyes you can see the bags from many sleepless nights.
The girl pulled away.
The girl picked up a makeup bag and covered up all that made her unique.
She told herself ‘I need this’ and ‘you are to ugly to not wear makeup’.
A tear rolled down her face and she looked at me.
“You are fine, no one cares about you and your existence.”
She walked away.
And I wiped the tear off my face.