Oct 05

Broken Home

I never knew how to get along with people. Maybe it's because I cant speak normally. I'm not mute, it's just that I can't. I can't lay out my emotions like everyone else does. Teens like me are always gossiping and telling each other how much they love one another. They wear their heart on their sleeves no matter how broken or shattered it will get. I can never get confrontation right either. When someone wants to figure out my life story and become friends i'll hide until they just forget about me. Fortunately people forget about me in a few days or less.Ill only cry in my closet with all doors locked. If anyone heard me cry it would be the end of me. I know I have a lot to cry for but I can't let my mom or my sister down. I'm the role model for strong women in this broken home. Moms drunk by noon, drowning out all her feelings about dad leaving years earlier.

    My mom used to be a diamond. Everyone around town would worship her good looks. She had scarlet red hair and hazel eyes. Her long dark eyelashes needed no makeup to be perfect. Her lips full and pigmented. Her hourglass body fit into the tight dresses she used to wear. Everyone knew the name Charlotte Bay or Charlie Bay for short. Now no one knows her or regrets looking up to her. She's just another bum on a couch, a burnt out superstar wannabe. Everyone calls me Bay Jr. because I almost look exactly like my mom back in the day. The only difference is I have piercing blue eyes and smaller lips. My sister Celise ended up getting our dads black raven hair. She also inherited moms hazel eyes. Mom and dad met when he was visiting town and heard of Charlotte Bay. He worked for a news reporting company and needed the scoop on my mom to keep his job. They fell in love and 6 months after they met my mom fell pregnant with me. Celise was only a year and a half behind. Our family was complete, but one day dad decided he couldn't stay with my mother. Maybe it was because she was controlling or maybe its because she was a cheat.

    Now that It's only the three of us, I have to be the role model. I do everything for Celise sense mom despises my sister and I, thinking that we were the reason dad left. How could the reason for dad leaving be his twelve year old and 10 year old daughters. The day dad left he kneeled down and kissed us both on the cheek. Dad said that he would only be gone for a few hours, but we knew something was wrong. Tears streamed down his face, then he left. Where are you dad? It's been four years! How could you leave us all alone with the awful person we have to call mom? She hits us when she gets mad. Hopefully it's with her weak hands rather than the occasional broken bottles.

    I walk out with Celise hand in hand pulling out our bus cards. We wait for the bus in the rain, lucky for us the rain wiped off some of the blood that we had on our arms from earlier this morning. The bus came and we got on, we waited until it reached our favorite coffee shop. Celise looked at her hands and twiddled her thumbs. I looked out the window silently wishing things turned out differently. We got off in a rush, knowing the bus driver would keep us on if we were to slow.

    “Sis….” Celise looked at the burnt building, it was falling at the seems News reporters were there covering the story. No.. what if he's here.

    “Celise we have to go.” I grabbed her hand and pulled us in the opposite direction.

    “Camille!” A guy with black raven hair and piercing blue eyes came up to us.

    “Hi dad….”