Oct 06
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the talking round rock

I am a strange creature.

I am round as a bowling ball with three inch arms and legs.  I live in a small log cabin because last week I was denied a proper home that I wanted to purchase.  I eat leaves and bugs; I tried normal food once but the grocery store lady told me to get out or she will call the police.  I see people once a month and half the people I see are cops because the other half called 911 and labeled me as 'dangerous paranormal phenomenon.'

I am, however, a millionaire thanks to a wifi motem and computer I stole from Best Buy.  I didn't really steal them, I left the $820 combined cost on the manager's desk.  This was nearly all the money I had.  I created a free website where I sell clothes I knit and sew.  I also have a youtube channel where I game and upload gaming videos.  I never imagined my round self being so successful online, where people believe me a human like any other.

So I tried to buy a nice home last week with my money.  When I met the realtor, he said:
"Who are you, creature?  Get out of my city!" and a few explicits.
I replied, "I want to buy the house.  I want to give you money."
And he called the cops.  I went to jail for a night, but when I woke up the warden said that jail is for people, not animals or monsters.  He drove me back to the forest where my house is.  He went twice the speed limit because he could not stand me in his car.

I wish other people would accept me.  I am just like them in my soul, but they do not see that.  I am 'creature' or 'monster to them.  I have a good life, though, and am grateful that I am who I am, which, in human eyes, is a scary, talking round rock.