Oct 11

Mother Natures Vision

    It's hard to go by a new identity every season. You can only have the same friends once a year because if they ever found out what happened to me during the rest of it, they would never speak a word to me again.

Four names,

Four styles,

Four bodys,

Four personalities.

    In Winter I am Winter Winds. My skin changes into a pale gleaming white color. My eyes Ice blue, cold to the touch. My hair a bleach blonde in a messy big loose dutch braid. I’m curvy, thick if you will but not chubby nor skinny. I am shy and harsh, telling the deepest truths for the most ignorant people. I attract the most saddened souls with the kisses of a thousand snow storms. A dusty pink caresses the apples of my puffy cheeks. They are warm even in the cold of my frozen heart.

           Three names,

           Three styles,

           Three bodys,

           Three personalities.

      In Spring I am Spring Beginnings. My skin a light pinkish yellow resembling the transition from the cold harsh winter to the newly sunny spring, I have the eyes of the dewy new grass popping out from the mud patches where the snow receded from. My hair is black and cropped almost ready to lighten to a brown for the summer. I am short and chubby but I love it. I am cheery bringing on the exiles making them feel loved after the bullies have cast them away to shadows. I’m light hearted and free, I can easily open up about who I am in the spring. I laugh as if nothing or no one bothers me. I am freckled from one check to the other making me seem just a tad bit more awkward then I already am.

           Two names,

           Two styles,

           Two bodys,

          Two personalities,

     In Summer I am Summer Dream. My skin a beautiful sunkissed tan perfect for the bright colors of summer. My eyes are a warm brown, if you stare into them long enough it will feel like a big hug. My hair is a very long wavy brown that flows all the way to the end of my behind. I am very skinny and the only true curves I have would be my hips and a tiny bit of a butt. I am flirtatious and mess around with girls and guys, I’m kinda living the summer dream if you will. I live my life even if it means doing stuff I’m not supposed to do. I somehow convince the most innocent people to do stupid things. I make them mine and they follow me everywhere like a goddess until I’m just not there the next season. I’m mean and spiteful but I think it’s the only season I am bratty. But I kind of like it.

          One name,

          One style,

          One body,

          One personality,

     In Autumn I am the person Mother Nature started me with. I am Autumn Bliss, born in mother nature’s vision. I have short wavy dark ginger hair. I have golden eyes with big framed glasses surrounding them. I am small and have no curves whatsoever. I keep to myself and all I do is write in my small notebook keeping track of who I become with every season. I love apple cider and anything pumpkin spice. I am always seen in oversized sweaters with scarfs bundles up around my neck. My skin is a pink tone ready for winter to hit. Mother Nature tells me that I’m special through my ability to change people. I listen to animals talk and leaves rustle through the breeze. I just wanna be me but in all reality I don’t know who ‘me’ is. Am I the truthful Winter Winds? Am I the quirky Spring Beginnings? Am I the mischievous Summer Dream? Am I the Lonely Autumn Bliss? Mother Nature tells me I’m all, but in reality.

           No name,

           No style,

           No body,

           No personality,

           I am none.