Oct 12
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       In the fall the leaves start to fall and that's when I know I have to leave. My hair starts to turn to blue my skin turns to ice and I know that winter is starting. When I start to change I have to leave and never return or they will find me again and kill me. I had one chance and I failed they are after me. They sleep all summer and awake in the fall. I have to run and run and run until im somewhere never seen before. I'm not like other characters in your crazy unrealistic books, I'm real and im alive.

    I know no one like me I'm strange and it scares me. I'm stuck in my own thoughts and I can't escape, my sleep is limited and yes im real and need sleep unlike those unrealistic vampires who are super pretty I guess. No I have pimples and belly fat and my skin doesn't glow like beautiful unrealistic vampires that live in your books. Anyways sorry about the mini rant I run and I hide I make my own houses and catch my own food with my homemade bow and no i'm not strong like those stupid made up vampires (seriously though people need to get over those stupid fake creatures) but I can keep myself alive. It's hard to be like not knowing what will change next and not having family. I get attached in the summer to the friends I meet and have to leave with no explanation just a goodbye.

     It's hard to live my life the way I do, I've often thought about letting them get me but I need to stay in search to see if they've hurt anyone else. I'm not sure what's after me but it sure is scary. I saw it once with blurry vision after it attacked and I know it killed my family. It had the voice of a 12 year old girl but with a body mass enough to crush me and take my breath out of my lungs.

     I age slowly I still look 15 but im really 19 its weird to think people have friends and family they get to stay with all of theirs lives. I can't remember a life before mine with all the running away. I can't imagine living in one place it's kind of cool to see the world I just wish I could do it another way.

     It is fall and fall is a time for change so I must go and leave like the leaves (no pun intended).
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