Oct 25
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Thoughts of Moonlight

A girl gazes up at the night sky, the moon casting light on her face. Her hazel eyes shine with the light of a million stars. She wonders about what's out there, beyond our reach. Is it just desolate space stretching on and on, never ending? Her eyes trail an airplane flying among the stars, it's blinking lights so different than the calm shine of the stars. What are the people on that plane thinking? Are they wondering what all the little people down here are up to? Most are sleeping. It's almost two o'clock in the morning, only the restless and slightly crazy ones are still awake. The girl brushes a hand over her face and closes her eyes. A year ago today, her best friend left this world. They used to sit right here on top of this hill in the light of the moon, and wonder about the universe. About the unexplainable. Now she wonders about death. Where is her friend now? When u die, are u just simply dead, or do you get a second chance. Maybe you go somewhere special, maybe heaven or hell. That is a question for the dead to know, and the living to find out. The girl rises to her feet and treads down the hill. I watch her retreating form, silhouetted against the moon. She doesn't see me watching from a tree, she doesn't hear me when I tell her I miss her. I miss our talks on this hill and our crazy ideas about the universe. I wish just once that she could hear my words like I hear her thoughts.
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