Oct 30
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He's really here!

He’s really here!

      It had been a long time but he was here now!

  My dad had been in the military since I was born.  Now I’m 13 years old and I have never seen my dad in person before. You know,  it's not easy to not have a dad around like when your mad mad at your mama, you have no one else to talk to or if you do sports like basketball it's usually the dad that comes to all the  games. My mom did come to my games but she would not usually stay for the whole game because she had to work or something. I know that my dad’s doing a great thing but

I miss him! My birthdays in like a week and I want him to be here for my 14th birthday. I had just come out of the bathroom, my mom knocked on my door she came in, I said “what's up” then  turned around and saw that she had a huge smile on her face! I said “what” again. She sat on my bed with me and said this “ honey you know how its your birthday next week on wednesday” ? I  said “yeah what's wrong” she said that she has a big surprise for me!

It was Monday, March 24th,  2014

It was a weird morning my mom kept giving me weird smiles, I finally said “ what” then she said that  my dad was coming home! I almost fainted and I swear, I smiled so big it was unbelievable after those news I was superexicted. But to be honest wednesday did come by real fast and believe it or not but my dad was actually here!
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