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It had been a long time, but now he was here. And he wasn’t going to leave my sight every again (or at least for a little while). My husband had just gotten back from the army, but as I was running to give him a huge hug, a smell clogs my nose. I stand at a holt in front of him, and give him a look from the top of his head to the bottom of his boots. As we stare into eachothers eyes, I give him a look that leaves his face with a very sarcastic “seriously”.

    “Harry, no offence but you don’t smell like you took a shower at all when you were there.” I say raising my eyebrow and leaning on one of my legs but bending the other.

    “I’m sorry, but they didn’t have any…” He turned to the car that dropped him off, he then started to turn around again but I jump in his arms and close me eyes. A smile spreads on my face, as his smile spreads too, our love grows like a thousand hearts. Today was the most happiest day I will ever experience.

    The rest of the day was full of smiling and love, I couldn’t stop smiling. We had his favorite dinner Tuna bean casserole, with a boston cream doughnut for dessert. After dinner and dessert we went on a long walk on the side of the road. The sky was full of a pink, orange and red colors mashed up in the top of the world. That entire night we just layed there in silence, waiting for our souls to connect once again.

During this it felt as if the moon and stars were soaking up all of our love and would soon give it back as soon as we used up the love we already had.
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