Nov 15
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Weekly Writing Challenge-Week 10

“No. Babies should not have fake phones” Alya declared.

    “Why not? It’s not harming them” Erin shot back.

    “Giving fake phones to babies will make them want to have one when they’re older. They’ll become addicted. That’s not good” Alya reasoned.

“Oh, so your saying my little sister will become addicted to her phone when she’s older and it’s all because we gave her a fake phone when she was younger” Erin said, angrily.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. So your small brain’s getting bigger. Good” Alya said.

“Says the person who thought one plus one was eleven till third grade. You wouldn’t believe it was two” Erin said poutfully.

“Your the one who thinks babies will benefit if they have a fake phone when they’re younger! It might help them know how it works but it won’t help them in real life” Alya explained.

“So what, blank mind” Erin insulted.

“I’m trying to help the little people, baby corrupter”.

“Phone hater”

“Baby fake media lover”

“Um…… silly sparkle baby phone hating person”


“Exactly what I said. Silly sparkle baby phone hating person”. There was a silence for a second. Then they both started laughing and rolling on the floor. Even if they fight they’ll always be friends.