Nov 22


you throw that word around like a goddamn beach ball.
you know,
it's not easy keeping emotions neatly boxed within myself.
would you rather i bleed?
would you rather i scream?
would you rather i paint myself a mask
a smiley face with rosy cheeks
and sparkles around the eyes,
and wear it
because you want me to be happy so bad?
let me be angry.
let me be sad.
let me be.
you can’t be surprised by a bonfire when you’re
holding a match in one hand
clutching a jug of water in the other
things like that are embedded in me,
everyone around me is angry
when is it my turn?
life isn’t sunshine and unicorns and rainbows
it's rain
and thunderstorms
and dark clouds
and sad days
and no ways
and what ifs.
but hopefully,
you’ll be around when the clouds part
and the rain stops
and the sun shines again.
About the Author: hills1
Saniyah Elizabeth Hill