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The Feather Boy

    Matthew Hayes 11/23/2018
The Feather Boy
I am The feather boy.  I rule all the feathers.  You can try to take my feathers away but you cant.  I have an army of geese.  They keep me and my feathers safe.  I do not use these feathers for anything I have them hidden in my house. Under my feather bed.  I am the ruler to these feathers.  I am the “Smartest” man alive I am so smart I taped a ruler on my toaster to see how long the toaster is. If you try to take pity on me I will not let you.  I do not accept donations. I take from no one except myself I am the feather boy.  My house is huge and is filled with feathers they are my people.  But then my house caught on fire. It was a sad day I lost all my feathers and that was when I realized I accidentally put a ruler in the toaster.  My geese tried to help but they realized that they couldn't do anything so now I'm not the feather boy. I've lost it all.'s picture
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