Nov 26

Listen to Me

The sweat drips off my face
My skin stings
Waking me up
Eyes snapped open no longer able to sleep
Fear constantly evolves around me
Gunshots echoed through the still standing houses
Bombs destroy my old life covering it all with dust
My tears never stop wetting my face
My throat is sore from crying
I don’t look back when I run,
My legs ache.
But I sprint
All alone.
The plane to America awaits for the
American soldiers
Not me.
Arms grab me and drag me into a plane
A woman’s face greets me her bun is low and tight.
She smiles and says
you are safe now.
I shake in fear as they bring me through the golden gates.
My former country puts a big label on me
In this new place,
They fear me,
They say I am a threat,
But they never listen to what happened,
They never heard the shots
The bombs
The cries for help.
They are deaf
And do not listen even though they can.