Nov 29
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Souls Of The Winter Night

The street lights paved the road, each one beaming through the coats of snow that was covering them. I Iooked out the window only to see the rigorous winds blasting through the pine, creating clumps of icy cotton. I sat laid back in the passenger seat, looking to my left only to those brown whiskey eyes staring right back. I gently ran my fingers over his peachy fuzz, which was my favorite thing to do. I took his hand from the armrest and kissed his knuckles. The back of his hand was the softest. It was little things like so that made me fall in love with him even more. Soon, his thumb began to graze my chin and I smiled. He knew that would make me melt. The snow is whispering now.

We drove slowly on the crunchy road of ice beneath us. A tear falls from my eye, asking myself ¨How was I able to become this happy?¨ Blankets of content cover me, warming me. Stars floating around the night sky silhouette the mountains, a warm palm touches mine. I look only to be met by his eyes again. Now, they´re deep, glazed. With them, he tells me I´m safe. No doubt. My eyes tell him something as well. I move his hand to feel the beat of the cherry tart underneath. He doesn´t see it yet, but it soon dawns on him. 

They say home is where the heart is. Well, mine is right here, with you.

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