Nov 30
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I woke up this morning and heard my mom yell "get up it's time for school!". However, something was wrong. I got this fowl taste in my mouth and them I started choking. I threw up this gross black liquid all over myself. "What the hell," I said. I hadn't eaten anything that looked like this it was as if I had some sort of disease. I ran downstairs and said I needed to get to the hospital. She saw what happened and we sped off towards the hospital. She asked me what happened and then I tasted it again but it was a different taste. I threw up again (out the window thankfully), but it was a different taste like I was tasting a phrase or something. When we arrived we went in and I was immediately in the ER. They gave me anesthesia and then I was out. When I came to they said that my system was fine and they didn't know what was wrong. When I heard him speak it happened again. I tasted a certain texture like I was having the most disgusting alphabet soup ever. You could feel the letters of what he had said on my tongue. I threw up again and they took a sample. They determined that it was ink! They said that the amount of ink I had thrown up would have required me to swallow 10,000 bic pens. Then I barfed again and again. I couldn't do it the taste the barfing so I plugged my ears. I went to school a week later when I had the barfing under control. I saw kids looking at me weird and whispering and even though they were across the room I could taste what they were saying about me. They were mocking me and calling me names. I couldn't take it so I ran away I haven't heard a voice since then. I'm on my own and I do not plan to head back ever.
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