Dec 02

Hair Tangles

My hair tangles
Ignoring your attempts,
You try to put me down
Your words meant to be burdens
But they just turn into flowers and gently hit my skin.
You try to bring me down to your level where the dirty mud lives
But instead I am pushed onto the tips of mountains.
You shout insults up at me but
The wind just sweeps them into music.
You point out my mistakes
But my mistakes make me special.
I offer my hand ready to bring you up
But you slap it away thinking it is a trick.
Why must you think I am dirty?
Why must you think I am harsh?
I call out for you to take my hand
A final attempt to help,
You look disgusted but take it anyway
I pull you up to the mountains
Your eyes are bewildered.
I have fallen for a monster but maybe you never were
Maybe my view was twisted and I saw you a different way.
Though the mirrors give you a reflection they do not give you the truth.