Dec 03
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Childhood Memories

I have many memories from
my childhood. Memories of a family
Christmas, memories of my brother 
being born, memories that have no actual
significance. But I somehow remember them.
One of my very first memories was of 
me in my crib, standing up and 
telling my pregnant mother
something. She was in her rocking
chair, rocking quietly and willing
me to go to sleep.
Another memory of mine is when
my parents took me to a Sesame
Street musical. I was two years old, 
and my mother was still pregnant
with my brother. Even though
these memories are hazy, I
still remember them. Before the 
play had started, my mother had
put me in a Sesame Street t-shirt in the bathroom.
I have long forgotten about that. 
I also remember going to a Christmas
party with my parents, my grandmother,
and my great-grandmother. I had gotten an
Ice Queen doll, which was similar to a Barbie,
but it was not name-brand. I didn't care. I'd gotten
a new toy to play with!
I have a memory of my mother pulling out
a dresser drawer from my bureau. It had been broken
ever since. But now that we've moved, I've never seen
that bureau since then. 
And lastly, though I have much more memories,
there is a memory of my old house.
So many memories of mine started there.
Sometimes, when I think of that house,
I miss it, where memories were made.
I will always love that house,
where my grandmother was brought up,
and where I was raised.
So many childhood memories.

About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis