Dec 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Trees

Trees Awakening

I was walking the edge of the forest by my house
When I heard a slight squeal I considered a mouse

I turned to my left to see an emerging face
Coming out of the tree, 4 feet up the base

It looks at me with a sense of curiosity
Like I was the strange one and was the monstrosity

“I’ve spent so many years under a curse by a witch.
She kept us trees silent.” He says with a twitch

“Well, welcome back,” I reply disbelieving
“I think it's time for me to be leaving.”

“Don’t leave me,” He shouts as I walk quickly home
“I need your help to free my legs so I can roam.”

I must be sick and must be hallucinating
For surly that tree was not just communicating

I sit in the living room and as if it was mocking
The news reporter on tv said that trees were talking