Dec 18

The Sea

The waves crashed into the side of the small boat, making it rock from side to side as it tries to regain balance. Multiple sailors run around the ship, yelling out incoherent words that no one could understand. Out of the many onboard the ship, one held their knees close to their chest. Their eyes puffy and their cheeks wet with tears of extreme fright. He didn’t ask to go on the boat, he had no choice. He could not take a plane, that was too expensive. He couldn’t drive, he was too young. The only option was to go out on the sea like centuries ago. He still could not understand the sailors as they did what they could to keep the boat stable. In the mind of the boy, he was frightened. Terrified even of the possibility that the ship could tip at anytime. That he would be stranded in the middle of the ocean with the thought of what lurked below. Just as he thought of the worst, the worst would soon come to be. With another large wave crashing against the boat, it had tipped to the side. All of the sailors and the boy himself fell into the salty water. He and the sailors watched as the boat began to make its slow descent to the ocean floor. The sailors had no fear as they spoke their foreign language. While the boy was frozen in fear as they were stuck in the middle of the ocean.
About the Author: Corborchers
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