Dec 21

Diving Board

Looking down with a horrified gulp, I realize how far up I am. The muffled sounds of the pool are blocked out by the sound of my thumping heartbeat. Why did I even agree to this? Shifting uneasily and picking at my one-piece bathingsuit, I bide my time. A long line stretches behind the diving board, and a group of teenagers are getting annoyed at the holdup. They jeer but I ignore their protests. The unnaturally blue water ripples beneath me while a few younger kids nearby do flips into the water. Their screams and screechs distract me for a while, but I soon have to return to the problem at hand. My friends are standing across the pool, arms crossed, their towels wound over their torsos. I wonder if they would care if I chickened out, but I promised I would be able to to this. A strong scent of chlorine wafts through the air, making me woozy and light-headed. An annoyed lifeguard tweets his whistle at me, "Get off the divingboard! You're holding up the line!". I nervously wipe my increasingly sweaty palms across my bathingsuit, my head pounding and thoughts darting through my head like ping pong balls. Do I do it? Do I not do it? Do I do it? Shivering, I bite my lip and stare wide eyed at the water. Suddenly, a loud blare from the speakers scares me. I clumsily stumble over the scratchy surface and tumble off. My elbow gets knocked on the board and my stomach is the first to make contact with the water, with a monstrous belly-flop that sends out a wave so big it knocks over several people playing tag nearby. Gingerly touching my stinging belly, I sputter for air when I resurface. Loud cheers come from the other side of the pool, and I can make out my friends laughing out of my clenched eyelids. Cheeks bright red from embarressment I haul myself out with one of those metal ladders. I trudge over to where my friends are standing, I glare at them, but soon break into laughter when I realize how funny the situation probably looked. No matter how hilarious it was, I'm definitely not going near a diving board anytime soon!