Dec 22


I'm obsessed
With stories
I'm obsessed
With the way light
Touches life I'm obsessed
With words weaving
Through one another and I'm obsessed
With capturing truth, beauty,
To mutate it into something
More beautiful, true.

I'm obsessed
With learning something new
Every day whether fact
Or fiction personal
Or universal inside
Or out and I'm
With sharing that even 
If it's just for my future self because
Recording it makes it feel
More real.

Am I obsessed
With putting pen to paper,
Fingers to keyboard,
Those actions which sometimes
Draw me in and sometimes
Repulse me, make me
Want anything else instead?

Am I obsessed
With something that seems so simple
Something that anyone can do
That takes no special skill?
Am I obsessed
With ink, lead, pixels, keys?
Or am I obsessed
With something I cannot
Weave into words?


It's been a while, y'all!! I probably shouldn't even be here because I'm many months past high school graduation and many, many miles away from Vermont. But I wrote this poem the other day that was just soooo YWP and I needed to share it, and read and love and comment on all your work because you folks are amazing!!
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"I say I want to save the world but really/I want to write poems all day" -Dorothea Lasky