Jan 01
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Black Holes

What happens, class

When a star dies?

I know

My hand shows it

Flying in the air

Casting a shadow upon those

Who know

how to sleep

I know

Says the red circled A

On my papers

Creating a red aura

On those who ate breakfast this morning

And the last

I know

Says the bags under my eyes

And the bags slung over my shoulder

Filled with textbooks

I know

Because I pushed that her out of my weekend

I know

Because I told him I didn’t have time

I know

Because I spend so much time making them proud

That they don’t see me

They don’t see the real me

Because she's hiding behind  

A computer


A deadline


A report card

I couldn’t find her

If I knew where she was

But it matters not

Because I know

I know

Because I spend my life

Immersed in points

Numbers on a page that can hold me up

Or bring me down

And you

You don’t know

You may know how to laugh

And shrug

And follow your passion

And only your passion

Together, we don’t like this class

We will not pursue this

We will not remember what happens when

A star dies

So really

Who cares?

I do

And I know

And even though I will never

Ever help someone

By telling them what a star becomes

It will help me

It will

I swear

It will help me be the best

I must be the best

If I am to be someone

Because now, I am no one

Just a mind

That knows what happens when a star

When a star that holds the points I need

To be the best

To be someone

To be who I see in my mind

To win the race

To nowhere

And to everywhere

When that star

Becomes a black hole

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