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I Have never really been the type to babysit. I’m socially awkward and irresponsible. That's exactly why my dad decided to tell his boss, that needed a babysitter, that I would do it for them. He thought it would help me gain some responsibility and help me to come out of my shell. Without even asking me. I didn’t really know these kids but they were little and sweet so I thought it shouldn’t be too hard.

    The day came. I did my regular routine of getting dressed and eating breakfast. My mom made me an extra big one just in case I got nervous and wouldn’t want to eat later. I was super nervous, questions were circling through my head like, what if they’re rude? Or annoying? What if they don’t like me? I just shook off the thought. The thought of all the money I was getting was keeping me going. My dad made sure I had my phone and new when to call 911 and gave us the house phone. We waited until we had to leave. Around 3 pm we decided to leave.

    I went over to the door with my dad. It was a beautiful house it wasn’t huge but it was big enough for their small family. With a huge yard for their dog. When they opened the door and the dog was super excited to see me. I felt better when I found out they had a dog and leave him with me. He liked me too which was nice. They lead me inside introducing me to their little girl named Avery. She was super sweet and wasn’t one of those creepy children that are in horror movies so that reassured me that everything was going to be okay. My dad and the parents had gone. She immediately got extremely hyper and was running around wanting to play tag and we did. We had so much fun until I got super tired and she kept going. After 5 hours bedtime finally came around. Her parents told me to give her one sleeping pill so I did. She gulped it down with some water and soon became super sleepy. She fell asleep and I went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

    As I was falling asleep I heard a large bang coming from the parent's room. I assumed it was Avery waking up and playing with some stuff in their room. I walked upstairs and opened the door to their room I looked inside and nobody was there. I went to Avery’s room and there she was fast asleep. I whispered her name just in case she was faking it and she didn’t budge.

A few minutes later I heard another bang but this time footsteps. I got super freaked out and decided to call my dad. I stayed in Avery’s room and dialed his number. I told him I kept hearing footsteps and banging but that I was with Avery. He came over so I wouldn’t feel so freaked out. Once I hung up I heard more footsteps and the door to the parent’s room creaked open. Luckily Avery hadn't woken up I just grabbed her and hid in her closet because she didn’t have a lock on her door. There was a knock on the door. Then I heard my dad yell from downstairs. The knocking stopped. Then I heard footsteps go downstairs. I think the guy hid because my dad opened the door. I ran over to him. Avery woke up we told her to stay quiet.

We waited in the bedroom until my dad heard the footsteps too. He didn’t bother going down to check it out her just called the police. Soon we heard sirens. My dad grabbed Avery and we went downstairs. The cops knocked on the door my dad opened it and he told them to check the house. They found a man and took him out of the house walking past us. He was a tall skinny pale teenager with long greasy hair. He was in my class and had stared at me whenever we had a class together. He smiled at me as they put him in the cop car.

My dad called the parents and told them what had happened. They came home a few hours later. They came and hugged Avery and then hugged me thanking me for my responsibility. They gave me the money with a big tip. I went home, they hired me many times after that. I became close with them and nothing like that happened ever again.

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