Jan 05
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Green New Deal

Green New Deal!
They shout from the corner of Pelosi's office
Wearing sneakers, high heels
Making appeals
With light skin, dark skin
Only akin
By the youth that fills
Their eyes with fire
And magnifies their voice. 

We are Sunrise! 
The children scream.
The future now dreams
Of a land where the grass stays green
Where equality streams
Down the mountainsides
And rejuvenates our land. 
Green New Deal now!
They shout on campaign stages
In town hall forums
And on the Senate floor. 

For the first time in history
Our environmental worries,
Our unwavering passion, 
Our calls for action
Have poured into Washington.
It is the day
Of climate reckoning. 

And so we shout
Green New Deal!
And so we shout
The future is here.
And so we shout
For justice.