Jan 08

To The Constellations and Back

Once upon a time,
an ambitious young girl
decided that her modest life
was not enough.
She believed that her kingdom
could not hold her soul
within its barriers.
She left her home,
bidding farewell to all she had ever known.
She gazed up at the stars,
watched as their brilliant glow
held hands to make constellations.
She wondered if one day
she might glow that brilliantly.

The young girl
ventured through her kingdom,
her hand in a perpetual wave
as she began to
let go of her childhood,
tie memories into knots,
and, finally,
leave her former self behind.

She came to a cave,
shaking in the freezing air.
She hesitantly called out,
and was met with a group of ogres.
They watched her, and whispered
of all the terrible ways
they could cook her up and feast upon her bones.
She heard their whispers,
and fled without another word.

For months she went on,
until at last she reached a pond. 
She sat down at the bank,
and her reflection stared at her.
She had no more food,
had not eaten in days,
had cuts and bruises up and down her body.
Her feet had long since grown weary,
and her heart tried to remain strong,
tried to grasp her familiar desire
to be.
She gazed once more at the stars,
wishing that she had a soft blanket
and warm food,
and maybe, just maybe,
was home.
Just then,
the constellations she had admired
began to shake.
The girl did not know what to do.
Was the world ending?
The stars began to drop,
one by one.
The girl held in a scream,
terrified but curious,
as dozens of stars
landed in front of her dusty, worn feet.
Each star transformed into a fairy,
with floating tulle, a shimmering wand,
and a smile.
The girl reached out a hand,
and the fairies grabbed onto her.
They became a chain of light,
and rose to the sky.
The girl,
broken, battered, hopeless,
found a seat amongst the stars,
and made herself at home.

She remained there for a while.
Time shivered and ran, becoming a blur.
Happiness became a disguise, 
a mask that she let herself wear.
At night,
she peered down at the world
she had so eagerly fled.
Was her new life in the sky worth it?
Was her wish to be granted,
or did she still want more?
Was she greedy for not being satisfied
with the wondrous gift the fairies had given her?

After many nights of tossing and turning
in the sky, move this line up to following line, it doesn’t work alone
the girl knew what she had to do.
She bid farewell to the fairies,
something that she was beginning
to get good at.
She let herself fall, blindly,
back to the bank of the pond.
Sad, lonely, 
thinking she was happy, 
she did not know what to do.

She sat by the pond,
and thought. And thought and thought
and thought some more.
At last, she gathered her things,
brushed her dusty feet,
and set forth again.
When she came to a crossroads
on the long, rocky path,
with one way leading back to her kingdom,
a future that she already knew,
one way leading to a new kingdom,
a future that could make her dreams come true,
and one way leading to the stars,
a future that everyone would greedily take.

She made a decision, no hesitation.
It was time for her dreams to come true.