Jan 08

WakE uP!

Who are you?

Who am I?

Why is society the way it is?

When will we draw the line

When will we stand up and change

Oh how far we’ve gone in time

Oh how little in change

What will have to happen to make us wake up

What has to happen before we realize the power is in us?

In you and me

When will we realize that it’s the small things that matter

it ‘s those that make up the big thing

When will we realize that we should unite and move on together

Instead of breaking apart and arguing about what has happened

Wake up

Who are we

Who do we want to be

What do we want

How are we gonna get it

Wake up

Realize that in the end, it's us vs us

That, in the end, its friend vs friend

That in the end, we’re just human

That in the end, our mistakes define us

That our definition can be better

When will we finally wake up?