Jan 10
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A Voice in the Night

I lie, half asleep on the chocolate brown couch,
Hearing nothing but the small breaths escaping from
the pink crib across the room.
I let my eyes fall heavy and drift off into sleep.

Shortly after, I find my body jerk up right on the couch,
my ears searching for a sound, like a dog.
I peek through the windows, scanning the property.
I hear faint cries between the rings,
and dart towards the crib to find nothing but a folded pink blanket.

I search for my phone,
but can’t seem to remember where I had placed it.
I follow the faint cries, leading upstairs,
when I turn the corner I see her face,
with her eyes squeezed tight and her mouth wide.
Within a second she’s gone.
The walls are gone, the stairs are gone,
the noise is gone, everything is gone.
I wake in the crisp of the morning sun,
on the chocolate brown couch.
I look across the room and see a small face
between chubby hands, peaking over the walls of a pink crib.

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