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The Wooden Kite of the Green Mountains

On April 5th, of the year 2025, the world changed forever. A kite was made, and it suddenly glowed with a golden, holy radiance. From that day forward, all kites came to life. Some were aggresive, some were tame. Eventually the world was riddled with kites, and it became a hobby, and a lifestyle, to find the best kite out in the wild, and have it fight for you in the numerous worldwide tournaments of kite fighting. I was never good at taming the big kites, but my dream was to be the best kite fighter in the world. Kite fighters get big money, and all the glory. And it's a win win because the kites love to fight and love the attention. I live in the small town of Bradford, where if kites were a medium size here that'd be a rare sighting. So I never was good at fighting kites or taming them. The other kids would pick on me because my kites were weak and timid creatures. But i'll show them. One day I'm gonna tame the legendary Wooden Kite of the Green Mountains. Many have searched for it, and they've all failed. But I've seen it, honest I have. I was walking through my woods one day, searching for a good kite, when I saw it. It was floating through the treetops, barely visible. I stared, dumbfounded, when it caught sight of my shocked expression, and flew away faster than the speed of sound. It was massive. I've seen it multiple times since then, and have gathered enough information to know it's attracted to the warmth and sight of strong UV lamps, and cannot resist them. I'm gonna prove all the haters wrong, I'm gonna get the Wooden Kite. I prepared for this moment for two months. I have a strong, portable UV lamp that I bought at the local hardware store, camoflauge, a net, and a high point of view up in the massive tree. This tree was wider than a redwood, with a branch growing out of it almost the same size. My plan is to dig a hole into the ground and place the UV lamp snug in that hole so the kite can't fly away with it. Then when he's struggling I'll throw the net over him and jump atop him. Then I'll proceed to tie a thick rope around its tail. Doing so instantly tames any kite. Hopefully it works.

I've been waiting for about eight hours now, I've decided to call it a day and try tomorrow, when suddenly a large figure comes flying down from the sky attacking the UV lamp. I watch, shocked at the suddeness of it all, when I came to my senses. It was just about to get the UV lamp out when I throw the net on top of it and proceed to jump on it. The kite is suddenly writhing aggresively, trying to get out of the net, but instead tangling himself up more. I can't get the rope on now, he's too aggresive. I'll have to wait it out. I stay on top of him and hold tight for such a long time. He almost got out multiple times, but I made sure he stayed right where he was. It suddenly stops, It's fabric is burning hot from so much effort into trying to escape. Now's my chance. I go for the tail and proceed to tie the rop. The kite wriths some more but stops soon after. I finally tie the rope and suddenly it stops moving. Is it mine? I get off of it, it makes no attempt to escape. I untangle the torn and worn rope. The kite flys up, but does not run away. I did it.
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