Jan 15


My first memory,i’ll never forget, I vaguely remember a razor and a laughing six year old telling her little sister that it will all be fine, and that it’s a good idea, so as a delirius three year I said yes, then later that day I walked into the kitchen, when I heard my mother scream, and my dad rushed in,she’ll never forget, I was clueless to what had just occurred. My mom yelled “ELLA!

What did you do?” My sister walked in razor in hand, yet said, “I didn’t do anything”. I ran to the mirror, and somehow unfazed by what I saw, because I didn’t know what was there, because they were gone, my eyebrows were gone, so I just laughed it off and waddled back  to my room, we, will never forget.

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Ysabella Vighi