Jan 18
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Somewhere I lost my marbles
Immersed in thought, I missed my train
I have always been so forgetful
I always seem to show up late
Two steps behind everyone else
Doors slamming in my face
While you have sunshine, I have clouds
I'm stuck, stranded in the rain.

So maybe I'll leave for somewhere new
Your eyes will follow like the windows of an airplane
A sunset from a different point of view
Looking down on familiar landscapes
Passengers clamor for only a glance
Staring at the blues, oranges and pinks
But I will stay still and colorless
Worried of what people might think.

Of course I think you are beautiful
Of course I love it when you say my name
Of course what you say to me is meaningful
But a traveler I will remain
Gone for a while, never forever
But when I return, I won't be the same
What we feel becomes who we are
And when I stand next to you, I am nothing.

You were always so sharp and focused
While I was completely lost and distracted
You liked me because I was mysterious
A quality you found attractive
I was then, to you, a lingering question mark
There never was method to my madness
The truth is that you were perfect
While I was only practice. 

You see me again and, as if nothing has changed,
You go on asking endless questions
Tell me you're surprised at my apparent age
Ask me my fears, my loves, my regrets
Knowing I could answer 'you' for each one
Over a painful truth, I choose silence
It hurts even more to live without you
When I know I still have your interest.

Somewhere I lost my marbles
You found them scattered by the train tracks
You picked them up, one by one
Not as souvenirs, but as evidence
Studied them as pieces of myself
Only to discover a few you had missed
So I became a problem you could not solve
The bane and bite of your existence.