Jan 25


I walked up to the house that this woman hired me to baby sit her daughters. I walked up to the right house, it looks creepy as I've ever seen. I rang the doorbell, everything went silent for a moment, until the doorbell opened slowly, and someone tall opened the door and, saying “come in, my kids are waiting.” I followed and saw the kids. Playing with some weird doll things. I tried to ignore it and introduced myself to them, I didn't realize that their parents started to leave and once they left these kids did something weird, and started talking to each other in some weird language. I went to go make dinner for them and heard weird laughter. I tried to ignore it. After dinner, getting them ready for bed, they started laughing again. After they were in pajamas, they rented the whole house, I was in shock, then one grabbed something, like a lamp it looked like and tried to attack me with it. I ran downstairs, and looked for a place to hide, after losing them I heard them saying “come out.. you can't hide from death..” I was terrified, scared to death, one somehow found me and grabbed my leg, dragging me out, I suddenly blacked out.. and woke up later in my own home. “What the..” I looked at the clock. “It was all just a dream?!” I had to go to the house, I decided not to go. I wasn't taking the chance.

About the Author: CKSAD
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