Jan 25

Quiet is Dangerous

    “Oh, please, Eva!  Just five more minutes!”  “No, Claire.” I laughed. “It’s time for bed.”  The six-year-old pouted at me. Then, she began to pick up the puzzle pieces on the floor.  “Fine,” Claire finally said, hopping into her bottom bunk. I grinned. “Are you all ready, Cosette?”  I asked Claire’s quieter twin sister, who was reading. “Mhm.” She nodded down at me with big eyes from her top bunk.  “Okay. Goodnight, then,” I whispered, turning off the light. “Goodnight,” they both sang out quietly.
    Tired from the loud, busy day I’d had with the twins, I walked quietly to the Charpentiers’ living room.  I began reading my book, Moby Dick.  I was on a boring part, and I felt my eyes closing.  I snapped them open. The second time my eyelids fell, I let them fall.
Suddenly, I heard a strange noise.  I gasped and bolted upright. I stood up quickly.  Creak… I heard the door a second time.  Quickly, I ran to the twins’ room.  The door was open the same amount as before.  I peeked inside, and saw Claire asleep, breathing softly.  No Cosette. I panicked, wondering if the girl was in danger.  I heard another creak.  “Hello, Eva.”  I turned around slowly.  I looked into the almost glowing eyes of Cosette.  The hauntingly pretty little girl looked at me in her old-fashioned nightgown.  “Cosette, why are you out of bed?” She didn’t answer, only stood there in silence.  “Can you get back in bed?” I asked her. I held my hand out. There was a small movement from Cosette.  She pulled out a sharp-bladed knife. “No.”