Jan 28
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     My eyes slowly flutter open, bright light momentarily blinding me. My eyes slowly but surely adjusted until I could see my surroundings. I was lying down on a stark white bed in a brightly lit white room with nothing but the white bed and me wearing all white clothes. I can faintly see the outline of a white door right behind the bed with no handle, and a drain on the floor with a little bit of water cascading off my bed onto the floor and dripping down the drain. I get up, my muscles aching from lying down for so long. I hear a muffled sound like an elevator rising. I hear a ding and a little panel at my feet pops open. I look and there is a box on a tray. I take the box and open it, inside is a little cube and a large bottle of what looks like lemon-lime Gatorade. I take the contents out and I wonder if the hatch would be a good way to escape this odd cell. As I am thinking this I hear a clicking like people cheersing with cocktail glasses. I listen more closely and hear a slight murmuring of voices. I strain my ears but still, I can’t understand any of the words.

     I had totally forgotten about the hatch and by the time I look back, it is gone. I turn around and hit the wall with my fists, the sounds echoing loudly around me. The murmuring stops and I hear footsteps make there way over to my half-hidden door. I hear the click of a bolt turning and the footsteps walking away. I smack myself in the face “I am such an idiot I should have tried to kick down the door.” my face is still stinging when the door swings open and a bearded old man walks in. “Welcome to the base. Four point three seven light years from earth.” the man says in a monotone “It has taken us one hundred thirty-seven thousand years to get to this planet the nearest habitable planet from earth.”

     My brain is running in circles. One hundred thirty-seven thousand years. I can’t be that old, can I? CAN I? As the man ushers me out of the room and into a large antechamber with men and woman of many races and ages. A memory slams into me like a stray bullet my focus goes shaky and I see a jail cell and a man walking in and asking me if I want to go to space. Just as suddenly as it came it’s gone.

     “Are you okay?” the man asks. I stare out the window unanswering and I see an open plane of grass. A man steps up onto a podium and calls us all to attention.

     “Welcome to your new home. You are clones of the original because it would take forever. One hundred thirty-seven years to be exact. So you are merely clones of the originals. Most of you are clone 140 or 150 depending on your age gender race and medical problems. Anyways we have to start a civilization. All of you use your superpowers to build the buildings. All you have to do is create a clone civilization.”

     My mind has gone crazy because there is no way I heard what I think I heard. We are all clones and we have to make a new earth! WHAT?! The man did a horrible job explaining whatever this is.

     I double over just like before the memories hitting me in full force. In the flashback, the bearded man is younger and forcing me into a dark limousine. “You agreed to this! You can’t go back now. The people of earth need your body but not your person. Your clone will know nothing about the earth, but schematics we have given them. Know come with me if you want to leave for even another day.”

     At that moment I realized that I hadn't become a clone willingly and was forced into this despite wanting an out. “I must explain this to the other clones. How do I do that without sounding crazy and getting some sort of punishment? ... I don’t know.” I thought to myself.

     I rush into the main room all of a sudden needing to build something. I know that it was the bearded man messing with my mind but still it was compelling. I get the plans and walk out onto the surface holding a large beam ready to build a new life for myself.
10 Years later

     When the meteors had finished destroying the planets surface a sound unheard by the corpses relayed an urgent message. “Evacuate there are meteors headed your way I repeat evacu...” the message fizzled and popped before it burnt itself out with nothing but the wilted grass and muddy pools to hear its cries.