Feb 01

Thanks for a great VT Writes Day!

Photos Vermont Writes Day at Hinesburg Community School by Geoff Gevalt
Students and teachers from across Vermont -- and beyond -- were writing like made on Friday -- YWP's choice for this year's annual Vermont Writes Day! Thanks so much for all your participation. And Don't Stop! Keep on writing here and wherever. Writing is such an important skill to own.

Here's a sampling of some of the storytelling we saw. (We'll be going through all the posts here and on https://vermontwritesday.org to select the very best for publication!)

I was waiting for a train,
I was waiting in the rain
on a trip to Tennessee,
my whole family waiting for me.
I went to board
then exclaimed "OH LORD"
what was below my feet,
made my exclamation repeat.
The money bag could change my life,
it could buy me a home and a wife,
it could buy me a brand new shirt with a collar,
had that money bag had more than five dollars.
By Maxwell Jarvis

My Courage

my palms are sweating, teeth are chattering, legs are shaking uncontrollably. i hear the teacher call out my name. come stand in the front of the room that is jammed full of judgement. i thought i prepared myself. nothing would’ve prepared myself for this moment I’ve been anxiously awaiting for. and not in a good way. as a put one foot in front of the other while I walk to be the center of attention. i hate attention. i don’t like being placed in an uncomfortable situation. I mustard up the courage to start my reading of a poem. I inhealed then exhaield attempting to procrastinate the words being thrown up on the cold, dull tile. I froze. i could not get the words on the paper, into the air.
By Kira McDonald


I love a squid
she is my spirit mate
all the other creatures look on and hate
we like to wrestle and make big waves
sometimes we get crazy and then go to raves
we dance in the moonlight
and listen to phish
she is my everything my one and only wish
we had squid babies named squidward and james
we tried to be aquatic but i suck at names
she is so smart and can ink all over
its to bad now, that i get the cold shoulder
for she knows that the divorce killed me
the saltwater in her heart just filled me
it dehydrates my love and drives me crazy
that the squid i love doent embrace me
she left with the kids
and headed out west
she gave me tenticle and wished me the best
i said please stay and dive with me some more
but she found this other dude
his name is AL GORE
i had to get this man and get back my girl so i swam to him
on the other side of the world
i said gimme back my girl before i melt you down
your last name is horror show and you look like a clown
then she came back and said you were so courageous
so i said lets go out to vegas
we danced and gambled until the sun rise
and hate in and out with a side of curly fries
we have 45 kids and a nice house
but im trying to get away now
should i sneak out like a mouse? 
By Prophet, Thetford Academy

Francisco's Adventure in Magic

A long long time ago in a magical forest far far away, there was an ancient elf village that had been established during the time of the dinosaurs and still thrives today. On villager elf's name was Francisco, Francisco lived in a small mushroom hut with his wife Ferdinand, his son elfry, daughter Trey Jones and the family pet, Christopher the chipmunk.

One day when Francisco was walking down the road he saw a sign that said “Elven magic contest,” he decided that he wanted to enter the contest, even though we has not very good at magic. Over the next week Fransisco spent all his free time practicing his magic and creating new spells. During the week he accidentally turned his daughter, Trey, into a toad. When Fransisco did this he was very worried about his daughter so he spent the rest of the week trying to create a spell to reverse this effect. When the morning of the contest came Francisco still had not come up with a spell to fix his daughter and had nothing to present to the judges, when he got on stage he just stumbled over his words and yelled out a nonsense word, “toaderse”, which miraculously turned Trey back into a human. When he did this he had finally cracked the code that the village had been trying to solve for the past centuries. He was able to cure all the people in the village that had suffered similar fates in the past and had been trapped in animal form for decades. After this happened he was deemed a hero in the village and won the contest.  
By Hudson Maxham