Feb 01
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‘Spring’ing to action

It’s a warm and sunny spring day. The black flies have all but died off and the leaves are a brilliant green. The breeze blows softly and smells of dirt and life. There is moss beginning to blossom and bloom on the cool stones and the birds are singing a chorus in the freshly dressed trees. And then, for a moment, the world shifts. It’s not noticeable to the naked eye but I can feel it. Like a tremor or the slightest quake in the atmosphere. My hearts jumps ever so slightly and I can feel the blood begin to race through my veins faster and faster. My chest is starting to warm from the inside and although my lungs are beginning to fight for air they are the only things I can control right now. I focus as hard as I can on my breathing. Keep it slow, keep it steady.

The next thing I am noticing are my cat like movements, swift and precise. The birds seem to have stopped chirping and the air is still, the leaves are not swaying. I am bounding and leaping in the direction of the tremor without real awareness of my limbs. I am maneuvering over stones and through the tall grass like a leopard going for her kill. An effortless motion that has overtaken my heightened body. My mind is clear besides the quiet voice telling me to remain calm. It feels like hours have passed but in reality it has been seconds. When I arrive at the scene I see him and practice being brave. There is no blood, just a scratch. I kiss the sweet wound and hug the sweet child and all is wonderful in the world once again.
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