Nov 09
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“Clowns, I hate clowns! Why did it have to be clowns!”said Patrick trapped in a closet with about 7 friends. Patrick was the oldest at 15 and Carl was the youngest at 9. They were thrown into a closet of a bowling alley. Pat (as his friends call him) was buying tickets for them to go bowling. But right at that moment 10 men in clown costumes walked out of the bathroom all with guns in hand. Pat’s fear of clowns started when he was 7. He was at a circus with his parents and a clown climb out of a small car. He did a couple of tricks but for the finally he grabbed some person from the stands and took them to the top of his 20-30 foot tower and dropped them, the man immediately died. Police showed up but before catching him he killed 2 more people with a handgun. He had yelled “For my last trick I will make 3 people disappear.” Everyone applauded because they thought it was the classic magic trick. But none were applauding after that day. The man that had died first was sitting right next to Pat and was his uncle. Pat was with his 2 sisters and 1 brother, each had brought and friend except for Pat. They were thrown into the closet since they were in front of the money. They heard the men saying things. One said “Grab the money. I will get some from the people.” I could hear him threatening everyone. We heard a gunshot but it was just to open the cash register. “I don't think these guys have the guts to shoot anyone.” said Anna, Pats little sister. We heard one say, “Hide all your weapons so we don't in more trouble than we already are.” They all put down their guns. We all felt more safe, Anna even wanted to go out and we got into a huge argument finally she accidentally shouted "They don't have the guts to shoot us!!" About 5 seconds later a bullet came flying through the door and hit Anna in the arm. She screamed and be of the clowns opened the door and said "You might want to think about that one." Just then police walked in and did the usual police thing, but the clowns didn't agree. They opened fire on the cops. So far one dead and the rest behind things. The policemen returned fire and killed 6. Three were  injured and 1 surrendered. We got out of the closet and knew we were safe. Cops lined the walls with clubs and taser guns. 2 with real guns and had them away in their holders. They helped all of us up except for Anna. Two paramedics came in and rushed her to a hospital. We got to the hospital the next day and the nurse said she will live, barely. After about a week our lives went back to normal. The first thing Pat said to his friends when he got to school was “I told you I hate clowns
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