Feb 04
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The Door

Once there were two girls named Cocoa and Cinnamon. One day, Cocoa and Cinnamon were playing and they saw a house. It looked abandoned so they decided to go to their house to get tools and turn it into a play house. 

They got the tools and went back to the house. Cinnamon tried to break something, but she couldn't. She tried again, but something was holding her hand!

Cocoa thought she was crazy, so Cocoa tried, but she couldn't do it either. She turned around and there was a ghost. 

Cocoa decided to get a Ouija board and ask the ghost questions. She asked if it was nice, and the ghost said, "Yes."

Then she asked if the ghost would let them break things. She said, "Only a few things."

Since then, Cocoa and Cinnamon visited the ghost every day. They became best friends with the ghost.

Annasophia Cueva
Grade 3
Killington Elementary School
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