Feb 13

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a cloudy, melty Valentine's Day.
The snow was slipping off the sidewalks and cars
like drippy vanilla ice cream,
making a mess of everyone's shoes. 

Well, you and I
we were pretty in love.
I'm surprised I can recall the weather now,
since I didn't seem to be paying attention to anything other than you,
back then. 

You gave me handmade chocolate truffles,
heart-shaped and thick and dark,
neatly packaged in a clear container. 

A recycled rosé-lemonade glass bottle,
wrapped in crinkly white tissue,
held four beautiful lilies. 
They were a little droopy from the heat of the day,
but I didn't mind. 

Two months later I threw the rosé-lemonade bottle into the recycling,
the sound of the hard glass bouncing off the sides of the large bin. 
It was becoming spring, 
but the air still bit my skin as I reached back into the container,
and threw the bottle again,
this time as hard as I could,
until I could hear the shattering,
the splitering, 
the breaking. 

I still avoid lilies to this day. 

About the Author: EmilyAnne
"To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard." -Allen Ginsberg