Feb 14

From me to you

Am I not beautiful enough for you?
When you look at me
Do you read me?
Analyze my structure,
Sift through my curves,
Until you know all of my secrets.
Tear me apart until you crack my very essence
And it spills out,
Spills out all for you, my darling.
Love me, please.
Break me, if you must.
Hate me, if I earn it.
But God, almighty God, know that I just wanted Love.
You asked of me a favor,
So I conceived
And I bore this monster you swore to love
I laid on my back and shrieked in agony
My tongue twisted, my throat ruptured,
And I heaved and pushed with my heart in splinters,
My womanhood bleeding
And I gave you a part of me.
You looked
With your eyes closed, my darling.
Why were they closed?
Hardly bothering to turn, you let it fall from your limp
and pulseless fingers,
And left me in a pool of my blood and my tears
Cradling your hate to my breasts
As you walked away into the fog of life.
Did I mean nothing to you?
Did the letters, ripe with my passion
Give you nothing worth holding?
Did the emblem of my dreams
Inspire you with nothing but forgetfulness?