Nov 10
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The False Princess- Chapter two

The morning rays shown brightly through the window plactering my face in it's golden light. Awakening me to the morning. Mother lay still on the sofa still sleeping. I could feel the cold morning air through the wooden boards of the house. I felt truly hungry that morning. We had only a molding, stale, veary old slice of bread left and the scrapings from a empty jar of jam. Damian's food still left out on the table remaing untouched. and what I did next (Oh forgive me god) I could not help myself I just had to take a bite just one small bite I did not care that the food was cold I was so despretly hungry I had to eat something! I was about to take a bite of damians chicken but my mind was changed opon seeing roches crawl across the food. Speeking of Damien I had not heard him come home last night. His clok was not hung up on it's peg. Nor his boots anywhere to be found. Oh, I knew if he was truely not home then mother would trully start to worry I can not stand it when she gets like that. I had to find him before mother awoke. I put on my own shoes and clok and I serched the whole farm and walked up and down the road to calling his name over and over again hopeing for a responce. Then I stared to fear the worse. He never came home last night. He was still in town. I had to go get him no matter what. Beacuse Damian had taken our horse Ella, I would have to walk all the way to town. And that is exsactly what I did I put on better walking shoes some shillings ( in the contingentce that I might buy something) I left my mother A note telling her where I was going and that I shall return with Damian as well. Off I went down the road  to town.
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