Mar 06
wondering about rain's picture

She Slowly Follows

A brie cheese moon smiles down
at my footsteps as I meander away
from my car, too distracted by white
fish swimming in the sky winking
down at me mischievously.

I want them to come pick me up
on their softly scaled backs
and invite me to weave between
them. Cradled in their confidence,
their certainty that all it takes to be
loved is to glow brightly without regret.

Shadows cast by a half woken
moon undulate and squirm past
my heels. The crunch of snow
beneath me the rhythm they dance to.
If I could dance underneath that vast
ocean sky forever, even the fear
of what howls in the shadows
bends beneath the light. Take
me home to where darkness dances
a yin yang with the moon.