YWP Newsletter - 03/10/2019

As the late - winter sun begins to reluctantly give us just a few more degrees of warmth, the slowly inching spring brings with it both obligation and celebration, one of the most recent of which being International Women's Day. Throughout that day, I saw many posts on social media recognizing inspiring women from all places and proffesions. This seems to be a wonderful, far reaching way to honor amazing women, but impossible for me to join in, as I could never choose who to recognize. There are so many incredible women out in the world, and in my life, who I admire, that it was hard to know where to start. Of course, I found inspiration in writing. While reading the posts over the past week, a few stood out to me in the way the expressed a strength in their purpose - though their topics are quite different. I realized that I admired all the women who came to mind for their strength in their chosen purpose; whether it be strength shown in love, dedication, work, art, sacrifice, or one of the myriad of other manifestations. These pieces reminded me that we all - individuals, families, trees...- have the spark to light this strength, and with much work and care, we may someday hope to be as dedicated, creative, or selfless; as strong as those we most admire. 

As usual, the following is an intro to the YWP Newsletter for new readers. Feel free to skip ahead if you're a regular.

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This Issue features the creations of: Adelle M. Brunstad, beautiful, Graceful, LadyMidnight, lana.W, and My Perpetual Wednesday. 

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(Heading Photo Credit: beautiful ) 

By lana.W

Listen to the wind.
Like a man who has sinned,
It thrashes and screams and shouts.
Our hopes may have thinned
but it's only the wind.
Let go now of any and all doubts.

The heavens now cry,
As trees and leaves fly.
But children are calmed and regaled.
So worry not why,
Just let the clouds cry.
You're safe now, the doors have been nailed.

Sam put that down!
Sweet Emma don't frown.
This storm will be all over soon
We’re all safe for now.
Then we’ll all go lay down
Beneath the pale light of the moon.

It’s just one more hour
Till we don’t have to cower.
And the sun is shining again.
The earth will then flower,
In this short, golden hour.
There's no need to fret, my friend.

(Photo credit: Graceful
By Adelle M. Brunstad

I am 237 years old today,
the oldest tree in this forest. I am
a living measurement of time, a history book in
its most natural form. Wizened by decades of observation
witness to catastrophes and wonders you will never know
but there is one tradgety I will tell you. One of every twelve
trees in Vermont are ash trees like me and their wails in the wind warn
of imminent death in the form of an emerald beetle. Their larvae grow under
our bark, feed on our flesh, blocking our transportation of water and
nutrients until our skin becomes brittle and splits, our crowns of
foliage fall and we die of thirst and starvation. These invasive
aliens won't stop until we've all collapsed, returning
 to the earth we once arose from. You may
be thinking "Its just
trees, why should
we care?" Our lives
are more intwined
than you realize.
We take your exhales
and  turn them  into
 inhales. We  help
 make your Green
Mountains   green.
If your ancestors had
not used our wood to make
paper what would you know of
the past? If they had no wood to
make shelters, to start fires for warmth,
to cook food, perhaps you would have never existed.

All we ask for in return is for you to not be indifferent.
For as fast as the emerald ash borer spreads, let these words spread faster. Don't let my story die with me.

Because if I fall in the forest and no one is there to hear me, I will not make a sound.

(Photo credit:beautiful ) 
By LadyMidnight

I am the nobody you taught me to be.
I am the one that seems to disapear before your very eyes.
I could easily get away with many crimes
Because people's eyes glaze right over me
Like they don't want to see me.
And maybe they don't.
Maybe if they see me I'll have power
Choices that they don't want me to make.
I'll be the person that they don't want me to be.
Full of liberty
Laughing at the walls that obstruct me.
We have all been taught to be nobodies
To be silent
To sit down
To be compliant
Because that is how we survive.
But what if stopped trying to survive
And started to thrive?
Become somebodies?
Make eye contact with everyone?
I was the nobody you taught me to be
But now I am the somebody changing expections
And lighting the way.

(Photo credit: LadyMidnight)

Tiny Write Spotlight

"Whenever you get discouraged about your writing and wonder if you'll ever improve just remember that David Bowie went from "The Laughing Gnome" to "Space Oddity" in the space of two years.
Never heard "The Laughing Gnome"?
I guarantee that you've already written many things far, far better than that awkward little piece of history, so technically you're already one step ahead of David Bowie.
You're one step ahead of David Bowie.
Guys... you've got this." 
- My Perpetual Wednesday