Mar 13
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My Best Friend

    I have well had an invisible friend named Night light yes I know weird name right. Wrong well at least that’s what my four year old self thought. So this the story of my four year old self and Night Light.

“ So Night Light how are you?”

“ Oh I’m good and you Leaf.” ( Yeah weird name my parents gave me right)

“ I’m good as well. What do you want to play?”

“ I want to play checkers.”

“ That’s a good game to play. Let me go get it okay.”

“ Okay I will just stay here waiting for you.”

So I go down stairs and my mom is at the bottom and she asked me who I was talking to and I said myself  like any four year old would say. Then she says something about having invisible friends and I said I didn’t have any. Then I grab the checkers and I head back up stairs.

“ Okay I back.”

“ Cool.”

“ So what took you so long.”

“ My mom asked me who I was talking to and I said myself. Then she asked me if I had any invisible friends and I said I didn’t.”

“ Wait so said you didn’t have any why?”

“ Because I didn’t want my mom to know I had any and I’m the only  one at my school who has any invisible friends and I doing it to protect you.”

“ Oh now I get it okay thanks you telling me why.”

“ Your welcome.”

It was when I was in like 9th or 10th grade when I told my mom that I had an Invisible friend and she was surprise and also relieved that I told the truth but also she said that she already knew and I asked how she knew and she said that she had one and we hugged but I still look back at all the times I had with Night Light.