Mar 15

Emotional Connection

For me it is hard to have a place with an emotional connection.  I have never been in the same place my whole life. The only constant for me has been going to Pennsylvania to see my Uncle John and cousin Brianna.  It is crazy to think that going there has been a constant for me and not living in the same place my whole life. My whole life has been basically going back and forth between my parents, moving, and traveling.  The one place that I do love going to so I can escape from the world is my Aunts in Hardwick.

Whenever I need to escape my dad, two sisters, or mother I go to my Aunt Lesley’s house.  Her children get so excited when I am there, it really makes me feel like I am wanted. When I am there I help out with the kids.  I get them their dinner, give them baths, read them books, play with them, watch movies and cuddle with them, and even tuck them into bed.  Sometimes I make them clean their room which they do not really enjoy but I help them out with it. Sometimes I feel like I am their mom, which is funny because sometimes they accidentally call me mom when asking me something.

The most difficult kid out of the three is Owen.  He is the youngest and he loves to make messes and really loves to take baths.  Whenever he hears the word bath or shower he thinks he has to go take one. It is the cutest thing, and if we say no to him he goes and pouts.  When he is not doing that he is taking his sisters toys and throwing them all over their room but sometimes I can get him to pick some of them back up.  It is so fun getting to watch him grow up and learn. He always makes me smile, laugh and making it so I have stories to tell people. His sister Kyra really loves to try to help out with him but she gets a little too carried away sometimes.

Kyra loves to help out with her little brother even though she gets annoyed with him sometimes.  The times she gets really annoyed with him is when he is dumping her toys out everywhere or when she is trying to take a bath by herself.  Sometimes she goes and grabs him and we have to tell her to stop and apologize or sometimes she goes and just yells at him. When she is not being annoyed by her brother she is either watching movies with me or trying to get me to play with her.  It really all depends on her mood, and in order to get me to play with her she knows she has to behave and ask politely but sometimes that does not happen. Then there is the middle child who is probably more polite.

The middle child, Kaylee, is a bit hard to care for sometimes.  She has a speech impediment so you have to be patient with her and ask her to repeat herself sometimes.  Sometimes I hate doing it because she gets frustrated with being asked to repeat herself so much but she tries her best.  There are certain words that when I am asking her to say again I have to sound out with her so she can say it. Put that all aside and she can be the funniest little girl.  It is so funny to watch people trying to get hugs from her. She always comes up with funny excuses on why she won’t give them to you. Sometimes it’s because she left them at home or sometimes it’s because she gave the last hug away.  If you put the three together then it is really something.

When they are all together it can get crazy but they make so many memories for me and with me.  Just getting to see them makes me happy and makes me forget about all the wrong in my world. I honestly do not think I could deal without getting to see them and watch them grow up.  If I go to long without seeing them I get a little upset because then I got and see them and they yell at me for not being there as often as I used to. It really makes me happy knowing that they want me there and they keep me going in life.
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