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Don't Disturb The Trees

A small bug is invading ash trees around the United States and spreading like a rapid fire. The emerald ash borer started in China and Eastern Asia, It is expected to kill around 8.7 billion ash trees by the time it's done . When Emerald Ash Borer was discovered the rate of ash mortality increased by 2.7 percent per year, which will decrease living ash trees by 1.8 Cubic meter per hectare.  

While many people want to fight the emerald ash borer by treating trees with pesticides, finding natural predators, or changing people’s behavior to save the ash trees, I believe we should let nature take its course and cut the trees down when they die.

First of all, invasives are part of nature and are spreading on their own. Some invasives are moving to climates they can handle because of global warming. This is actually smart of them so they don't die and they are able to survive. Any animal would do this if they were going to freeze to death. Some people may argue that humans are moving invasive species, but this is not always true. The main reason that these bugs are spreading is climate change (Weidner).

Some people argue that we should not move firewood because that is the biggest reason why the emerald ash borer is spreading all across the world. They argue that humans speed up invasives because they push them out of an environment that they are living in and into another one. However, it is very difficult for just a few people to stop humans from moving firewood because there are so many people that carry firewood from one spot to another, even if it's just across the state. If you take ash firewood that was cut in South Hero and bring it to the other side of the state then those trees that don't have the disease at the end of the state will be infected. There are too many people to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer.

Many people feel that we should use pesticides because they believe that this is the best solution and will help the trees the best,  Others may think that we should try to make the pesticides more natural or use organic products that are not pesticides at all. However, taking action (like pesticides or changing human behavior) is not realistic and may be more harmful to nature. When you use pesticides to kill a bug that is infecting a tree you are taking other risks. You may think that the pesticides are just killing the bugs, but they are not. They are also affecting other things, like animals that we want to keep and also sometimes humans.  The U.S Library of National of Medicine says that pesticides affect humans, land animals and even fish due to the pesticides eventually getting into water. Pesticides once applied to a tree, plant, or crop can get carried very quickly and sink into the soil causing them to get to other plants that can stand pesticides

In conclusion many people think that we should use pesticides, use a animal predator or change human behavior to kill the invasive bug. I believe that we should let the trees die and let mother nature run its course.


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