Mar 15
fiction 0 comments challenge: Twist
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Dreamed Up

    Last night I had the craziest dream. I dreamed that I was living with this community in the clouds. All of my friends and family were the people who made up my cloud village, but the villages beyond held strange creatures. These things would make awful noises that would confuse and annoy anyone close enough to hear them. For this reason, no one went to the borders of my village-Not only because of the sounds, but also because of the awful stench coming from the strange area.

    One day, as I was walking home from my cloud school, I smelt the awful odor coming from the creatures. I had always been suspicious of what could smell so awful and make such annoying noises. I made a plan to go and check it out. I told some of my friends, but only one of them, the daredevil, agreed to come with me. My other friends told me that I was crazy. I didn’t care and my friend and I set out on our journey. As we got closer and closer to the border, the more overpowering the smell became.

We were deep into this strange village now, and the sounds were all around us, but we couldn’t see what was making these sounds. Then all of a sudden, the smell overpowered everything else and I start to get light headed. I run blindly, stumbling over rocks and divots, not knowing where my friend is. I started to call out her name, but all of a sudden, the smell get stronger than ever, and a bright white light was shining on my face. I wake up to find my brother shaking me awake. He apparently hadn’t showered yet today, because the smell coming from my dream was still in my room.