Mar 15
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Imaginary Friend

I think that most toddlers have some kind of imaginary friend. When I was around two years old I had an imaginary sister.

My imaginary sister was a jack of all trades but most of the time she was a truck driver. Whenever we went on a road trip I would spend most of the time looking out the window for semi trucks. Every time one went by, I would say “look, it's my sister's truck” and then tell anyone who was listening how amazing my sister was or how many trucks she drove.

My second favorite thing for my imaginary sister to do was come for dinner. Most nights I would tell everyone in my family that my sister was coming for dinner. Being imaginary she never showed. Every time she missed a dinner my excuse was, she was driving a semi truck and was out of town.

Being a jack of all trades she was also a very good logger. This made log trucks my favorite thing for her to be driving. Sometimes, when we did not see many trucks or were at home and I needed something to talk about I would say she was on a logging trip. I would then make up story after story of what she did on these logging trips.

One of the funniest things about my sister was, she was always one step ahead of us. If I went to a store, she had just left, if I went to brush my teeth before bed, she had just gone into her room which was located in the wall between the shower and the sink.  

This imaginary friend was the dominant topic of conversation until I broke my leg just before I turned 3. The broken leg was the end of my sister. I think that the leg gave me an important thing to think about and when I had recovered I no longer needed her.
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