Mar 17
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An Evil Fable

Once upon a time, there were two sisters. Fara Evil and Mara Evil. Now one might think that they came from a long line of Evils, and one would be correct about that. 
Fara and Mara were best friends. Always playing together, coming up with magic spells and tricking the boys on the farm two houses down. But one day, things changed for Fara and Mara. 
You see, back in the olden days, you didn't just learn dark magic on the streets. You had to take a class on it. The most prestegious magic school was Henry's School for the Malicious Monsters. Fara and Mara had been dreaming of going there their whole lives. But what they didn't know was the the school only wanted one of them. The headmaster came to their house to retreive what they sisters thought was the two of them. But the headmaster shook his head, saying Mara was the most powerful, the one with potential, the greater of the two. Fara cried and yelled, begging him to take her too, to not be seperated with her sister. Mara only stood next to the headmaster, smiling evily. The headmaster took Mara away to school, leaving Fara with what she soon would clasify as ever-lasting rage. 
After that day, Fara realized that if she was deemed lesser than Mara, she would have to work four times as hard to become a great magician. She holed herself up in a cave and away from the outside world. She practiced dark and light magic, something no one had tried before, by reading books. She made herself feel more powerful, which was just the beginning. She then became the most powerful witch around. No one went up to the mountains anymore, for fear of coming across 'the cave witch'. She wore dark, draping dresses and crystals adorned her neck. 
Once she finally felt like she was ready, she went out into the world, traveling on a horse she had made out of a rock, and sped to the Henry's School for the Maicious Monsters. She spelled all of the students out, and hesitantly the headmaster, then set the school ablaze with greek fire, the deadliest of all the fires. She sent all of the students home via broom but one, then turned to her so-called sister and so-called idol. 
"Next time," She said, raising her hands high above her head, illuminated by the burning building. "Chose the lesser of two Evils." Then she vanished into the night in a puff of purple smoke.